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Rejuvenate your life with a healthy lifestyle

A regular training regime can contribute towards improving the quality of your life.  We offer varied fitness routines which can be adapted for your specific needs.


From weight management to fitness improvement, we will find the right solutions for your requirements.

Customised portion plates

It is easy to overestimate the right portion size to be consumed. This is one of the main reasons for weight gain. You can buy a portion plate for £8.00 which takes away the guess work, and ensures you are eating a balanced diet.

Right exercises and balanced diets for you

You will have the option of being weighed once every week. With this, you can aim to lose at least 1-2lb per week. You can also get exercises customised to make sure you achieve your targets.

Complete body composition checks

Get weighed on Tanita Body Composition Scales during the first week of every month. By this, you can have complete clarity on your BMI, metabolic rate, bone mass, muscle mass, fat mass, hydration levels and visceral fat levels (fat in your abdominal cavity).


Regular exercises and healthy eating plans

Portion plate

Menu Planner

To help with your weight loss, you will receive our nutrition guide and 2 week menu planner.

Nutritional guide

£32.50 for unlimited classes for one month, including

  • Our nutrition guide

  • 2 week menu planner

  • Portion plate.

Visit our classes and prices page for more information.

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