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Fresh Start Fitness FAQs

Am I too old to do your class?

No, we have of all ages who enjoy our classes


What should I wear?

Tracksuits or leggings, a comfortable stretchy top, and trainers for aerobics and socks for Pilates


Do I have to get weighed?

No, we have many members who come along each week to just take part in the exercise.


Do I have to take part in the exercise?

No, you are welcome to attend for the weigh in only if you prefer.


Do I have to attend the same class each week?

No, you can do a different class each week.


Is there a joining fee?

No, membership is free, you just pay for your classes.


Can I bring my children with me?

Sorry, no children under 16 are allowed.


Do you close in the school holidays?

Classes are open for 48 weeks of the year.  We close for one week at Easter, one week in the Summer and two weeks for Christmas and The New Year.  Sometimes in the  school holidays we run  a slightly reduced timetable.


What are Body Composition Scales?

These are very special scales which work by sending an electrical current through your body to determine your muscle mass, fat mass, bone mass, metabolic rate, hydration level, the amount of fat in your abdominal cavity and much more.   These readings are very popular with our members as they tell you so much more than just what you weigh. (Not suitable for anyone with a Pacemaker)


Can men come to class?

Absolutely, men are very welcome at all our classes.

Whatever your age or ability, you are welcome at Fresh Start Fitness

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